Apple’s iWork Now Available To Windows Users For Free

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  • 8 years ago

Apple has long kept its softwares restricted to its own devices and operating systems. But things seem to be changing with Apple now making iWork available to users of its rival OS. According to reports from ZDNet, the company has recently made available a pre-release web version of the iWork for iCloud application suite for Windows users, opening up the possibility of accessing its web apps without the need for an Apple device.

iWork App suite was available to users via web version even before but in order to access it iCloud account was required, which meant the user needed to own a Apple hardware in order to proceed.

Now that Apple has made the service available to a wider audience, anyone can now create an Apple ID straight from the browser on the iCloud website, which then gives the user access to the productivity apps iWork offers, namely Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. You can sign up for the service and try it out for yourself here.

Opening up iWork to Windows users is apparently a move intended to compete with Microsoft Office.

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Image Source: ZDNet

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