10 awesome Windows shortcuts that you might not know!

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Whether you are going to your friend’s place or you are talking about your life – most of us are always
looking for an easy way out, SHORTCUT. Then why leave the most precious invention behind – our
personal desktop/laptop? Okay! I will now come to the point and give you a quick introduction to
hottest windows shortcuts. This won’t only make you feel more intimate to your
PC but will also be a time-saver.

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Before I begin, let me sift through basic windows shortcuts :

Undo : Ctrl + Z

Redo : Ctrl + Y

Cut : Ctrl + X

Copy : Ctrl + C

Paste : Ctrl + V

Select All : Ctrl + A

1.Windows + tab

This is the coolest windows shortcut. This is because this gives you a 3D view of all the windows open. Moreover,you can hop from one window to another. Isn’t it Magical? Every magic comes with a price and in this case, keep it in your mind that this mode is temporary and will end after you remove your fingers from
the pressed keys. This is a cost that is affordable and efficient yeah?

windows shortcut- windows + tab

2. Windows + L

If you are running late or you don’t want somebody to peek in your screen then you can lock your
windows within split seconds by pressing windows and L. This windows shortcut immediately locks your computer and you
can unlock your screen anytime by entering your password. (It works even when you don’t have a
password on your computer!)


3. Windows + (+/-)

This shorcut my personal favorite  windows shortcut, and it helps me a lot while reading a book online. By pressing Windows
button with +, one can easily zoom in the current windows and vice versa. It is one of the blessing we
have in Windows 7 and might also work on Windows Vista.

zoom in windows

4. Windows + Space bar

Now you don’t have to minimize each and every windows to see what’s going on the desktop. Just press
the two buttons and voila!

minimize to desktop

5. Windows + P

One can quickly adjust the presentation options through this command.

win p tab

6. Shift + Delete

You can delete your file permanently without sending it to recycle bin through this command but then
once deleted, it cannot be restored so the risk is all yours!

shift + delete

7. Windows + right or left arrow key

Sometimes you wish that you had two screens so that you could look at two things at the same time, if
you can catch my drift. This is now possible! You can juxtapose two windows at a time through this
windows shortcut on the left or right side of the screen. Apart from that, you can use ‘Windows + up or down
arrow key’ to maximize or minimize any application respectively.

Windows + right or left arrow key

8. Shift + Ctrl + N

This is the windows shortcut to create a New Folder.

new folder shortcut

9. Windows + X

It is used to run windows mobility centre where you can see all your windows settings.

windows mobility center

10. Windows + F

This windows shortcut is used to start windows search.

windows search shortcut

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  • Awesome shortcuts!! I tried them one by one!!

    ahhah.. I’m a proud windows fan!