Warid Launches LTE MiFi Device

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  • 8 years ago

Warid in order to boost its user-base has recently launched LTE MiFi device. The MiFi device works almost exactly like the PTCL cloud. It is a portable wireless router which can allow users to connect up to 10 devices. Users will be able to access Warid’s LTE services on the go in the areas of LTE coverage.

I think it is very nice move by Warid and they might take first movers advantage on this. Given the horrible services of PTCL, people don’t have many options when it comes to Internet. If they can provide some nice data packages, I wouldn’t mind buying one as a backup or even as the primary internet.

As of right now Warid is charging PKR 9,999 for the MiFi device with an LTE enable SIM, and 35GB of internet data per month for three months. The customers can opt for Smart (PKR 1,500/month), Extra (PKR 2,000/month) or Ultra (PKR 3,000/month) tariff plans which offer 15GB, 20GB, and 35GB of data, respectively.

If you have had the opportunity to use Warid’s MiFi device please do share your reviews with us.

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  • Muhammad Ashar Sajid

    first when i used ptcl charji, i got a speed of 25 mbps in my area, but now a days i get 12 to 16 mbps….. and the actual speed on torrents is about 1.5 to 2 mbps….
    and i think ptcl’s pacages are reasonable too…. except they don’t come with any packages giving headstarts.. plus the huawaei charji cloud can be unlocked to be used for other sims as well..
    I don’t know one person who is using warid mifi, but there LTE coverege and speed is awesome and i guess their mifi will aloso be good..