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  • 9 years ago

Plot by Ben Howdle is an amazing app for every movie fan. The app is the best place to keep track of films as well as recommendations and mini-reviews from friends.

The development team has given special attention to the design of the application as I found it to be gorgeous and it definitely attracts the user to give the app a try at least. The app places a lot of emphasis on visuals, which is evident from the gorgeous movie poster art and thumbnails.

Plot being a mini-social network requires its users to create an account. So this allows you to see what your friends are recommending or watching as these activities get displayed on the Home tab. You can also leave your comments on these items.

You can easily search movie using the search button neatly placed in the app allowing you to search for movies or to find users. Once you search a movie, you can tap on it to bring up the movie profile. The profile contains TMDB score and other details including title, release date, director, cast, runtime and a synopsis. You can also watch the movie trailer from here. If you have already seen the movie, you can mark it as watched.

Since Plot allows users to add upcoming movies to their Watchlist, as a result users get push notifications when the movie is released. This functionality will help ensure that you don’t miss out on any movie.

I would really recommend this app to anyone who is really into movies. Though unfortunately, the app is priced at USD $ 1.99 unless you have been one of the lucky ones who got the app during the Oscars when it was free.

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