Pakistan Government Gearing Up To Introduce Smart Electricity Meters

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  • 8 years ago

The government has recently decided to go ahead with the introduction of smart meters in order to curb the electricity theft. This electricity theft is blamed for the high electricity bills and at times even the circular debt. These will be prepaid meters. So you will have to load your meter with the desired amount before you are able to get any electricity. It will be just like prepaid mobile phones. You will be able to purchase your electricity prepaid card and load it into your meter. Once your card runs out so will the electricity supply.

According to Younas Dagha, Secretary for Water & Electricity, the government plans to start implementing this system of smart meters from March 2015. The smart meter system will be completed within 2-3 years.

Do you think it is a smart move by the government? Or is it just another shot in the dark to get temporary publicity and then do nothing about it like many electricity projects which the current government had promised to complete months ago.

Note: Image used is not the actual meter. It is an image taken from the internet. And is for illustration purpose only.

Source: Dunya News

Image Source: IPF

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