Google Plans To Zero-Rate Mobile Data Usage On Android Devices

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  • 8 years ago

Google is reportedly working on a way for users to get free data when using some apps, as data plans are expensive and can prevent some potential customers from getting online, especially in emerging markets. Global Web Companies like Google understand that most of their future growth will need to come from these emerging markets.

In response, Google engineers in recent months have been working to reduce or eliminate the mobile-phone data costs that people pay to use apps on Android-powered devices, a practice known as “zero rating”. Zero rating is most commonly done in deals between carriers and third-party apps that will let users of those apps use them without it exhausting their data limit. But Google here happens to have a bigger plan, bringing zero rating to many third-party apps in emerging markets. It is not quite clear as to how they intend to proceed, but it is highly possible that they may allow developers to zero-rate the mobile data used by their app.

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