What To Expect From Today’s Apple Spring Forward Event?

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  • 9 years ago

Apple’s “Spring Forward” event is scheduled for today, March 9th. One thing is obvious that this event will be mainly about the Apple Watch. People at 9to5Mac have compiled a list of different announcements that we can expect during this event:

  1. Watch Pricing & Availability
    Since the event is about the launch of Apple Watch, so it is almost certain that details about pricing and availability will be shared during the event. And we could also look at the details of preorders being shared at the event.
  2. New Watch Features
    There are a lot of details related to both software and hardware that Apple hasn’t highlighted yet. And during this event we are likely to hear about all those missing details. We can expect talk about Power Reserve features to settle the worries about the battery life of the device. We also hope to hear about the hardware specs and get a closer look at the apps from the partners. And since Apple has asked developers to not their app announcements, so it is likely that Apple has some time allotted in the event for showing off the third-party apps.
  3. Watch Accessories
    There aren’t many news about Apple selling any Apple Watch accessories apart from its own straps. But this event will definitely be a good platform to share any such accessories or any of its plans on these lines.
  4. iOS 8.2
    The new software update to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is on it’s way to be released next week. The Apple Watch requires an iPhone 5 or higher, and iOS 8.2 adds support to the device for pairing and communication with the Apple watch. Since the Apple Watch requires the iPhone to have this software version, it is very likely that Apple will want to role out the update well in time to ensure there aren’t any issues once the Apple Watch goes on sale.
  5. Macbook
    As we shared earlier, there are rumors about new Macbook Air. The updated Air is expected to have improved Intel Broadwell CPUs, graphics, battery life and come with Retina Display. There is a possibility that Apple might delay this announcement till the middle of 2015.

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