Comcast Users: Access Internet Using Any Xfinity WiFi Hotspot

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  • 8 years ago

How many time have you found yourself frantically looking for WiFi access be it your favorite coffee shop or some hotel you are staying in while on the move? More often than not users find themselves battling connectivity issues such as weak signal strength or overcrowded public networks. Comcast users however might be in luck! As a Comcast subscriber you get free access to Xfinity hotspots across the US allowing you to connect to the internet via your Comcast credentials.

To help plan trips better Comcast has also released the Xfinity Wifi App on iOS and Android allowing users to locate all available WiFi hotspots in your vicinity. The app even allows you to download and install Offline Datasets by region so that you are prepared for the worst.


One uber cool feature bundled with the app is augmented reality which overlays hotspots directly above your camera feed. Here is a screenshot below:

xfinity-app-augmented reality

Once you are within range of an Xfinity hotspot you should be able to join the network.


Next open your favorite browser and it should automatically redirect you to and show the login page. Do the needful and you are all set! Enjoy your blazing fast internet without any hiccups.


Here is the rapidly expanding WiFi coverage map provided by Comcast for 2014:


To search an area for Xfinity wifi coverage click here to go to Comcast’s hotspot finder

Coverage Map Source: Comcast

Download the Xfinity WiFi app from iTunes below:

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  • Ben

    What is the purpose of downloading a dataset on this app?