Warid Blocking Personal Hotspots On iPhone With OTA Carrier Settings (Do Not Update)

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  • 9 years ago

Since the day I put my Warid LTE sim into my iPhone, it has been asking me to update the carrier settings. I kept on ignoring it. But today, I got tired of it and clicked Update. And then I noticed things had changed for worse. Initially it was just the changing of LTE logo into 4G. I didn’t care much for it. Because it was still giving me an ugly speed of 5MBPS which I was getting before this update. But later my PTCL Internet wasn’t working so I decided to create a Personal Hotspot and thats when I got a real shock. It wouldn’t allow me to create a personal hotspot. Now when I try to create a hotspot it asks me to contact Warid. Probably Warid has blocked it. So all those who haven’t updated their Carrier Settings, please don’t!


For those who have already done that please stay tuned as we are working on a solution and will update the post as soon as we have a solution.

Update: It was an eventful night trying to figure out how to solve this problem. I started off with restoring my phone. But like I said PTCL wasn’t being friendly, it took me around 3 hours to download the update. And since I am a morning person, I slept! Thankfully when I got up I hadn’t managed to crawl on top of my computer breaking the screen. When I looked at my phone, I could see the hello screen. I was happy that phone had finally been restored. I went through the activation steps. Meanwhile iTunes kept on popping notifications asking me to update my carrier settings. I tried to ignore as much as I could, but magically I ended up pressing enter at the wrong time and ughh it happened again. And then started the process of restoring the phone once again. Once it was restored, the first thing I tried was creating a personal hotspot. And guess what it worked. Now by this time my phone had developed several other un-related issues which Apple has failed to resolve for the longest time. While I was trying to resolve those, I thought maybe they are happening because of my crappy PTCL. I went into settings to turn off the wifi and noticed missing Personal Hotspot. I went into cellular, and tried to switch on the Personal Hotspot. Oh no not again! Once again it won’t allow me to create a personal hotspot. This time it won’t say contact warid but kept on saying carrier instead. So that meant while I was asleep I hadn’t definitely ended up installing carrier updates again. I tried airplane mode, searching for carrier manually and changing it to zong and then back again to warid. But to no use. I was already having a lot of issues with Warid given their slow speed and connectivity issues during an International call. I told myself that this is it, I have had it. Tomorrow in the morning I would port to Zong. Enough is enough. And I slept. When I woke up in the morning, guess what? Personal Hotspot was back and working.

Moral of the Story: If your personal hotspot isn’t working, tell yourself with sincerity that you are switching to zong and go to sleep. By the time you wake up your Personal Hotspot will be working again! Because I have no other way to explain how it started working again.

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  • mohsin

    Zong also Changed there 4g settings. if you update your carrier setiings on zong you will ended up the same. no personal hotspot.
    and the other problem you mentioned personal hotspot. that happend when you restores your phone. it can be back by going to Setting > mobile >Mobile data network > personal Hotspot > username:abc. now when going back to general settings you will see personal hotspot will be there 🙂
    you can enter what ever you want in username as it will again go blank.

  • geekntech

    Thank you for the heads up Mohsin!

  • Cgill

    Chawal he mari warid ne.

  • Waleed Malik

    How to get personal hotspot backk? :(((

    • geekntech

      We got it back by resetting and reinstalling iOS

  • Ali Hassan

    Go to your celluar data network settings, in personal hotspot at the bottom lf the page, t.warid will be the name, change it to warid and restart your iphone.

    It will work.

  • Fahad Kazmi

    Setting > mobile >Mobile data network > personal Hotspot > make it Warid , it will work

  • Figdet-spintrick

    What kind of an asshole tells this crap over Internet. Your wife will get pregnant even if you don’t work out. All you have to do is sit and believe it happens.