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  • 11 years ago

Hey all you Hay Day fans! A new update has been released for this amazing game! In the latest update you can plant trees! You can plant Apple Tree, Raspberry Bush, Cherry Tree, and Blackberry Bush.


The Apple Tree will cost you 160 coins, Raspberry bush will cost you 220, and Cherry Tree will cost you 410 coins. The blackberry bush is unlocked level 26. We haven’t reached there yet, but once we do we will let you know how much do they cost. The apple tree produces fruit in 16 hours, whereas raspberry bush takes 18 hours. After a couple of yields the trees/bushes fall sick. When that happens, you are required to request your friends to help you fix it by posting it on Facebook. All you have to do is click on the tree and press the exclamation mark sign board and place it on the tree. The people who visit your farm can also fix your trees/bushes, and it necessarily doesn’t have to be your Facebook friends.

You can follow farms by clicking a small sign under the farm’s name. And you can remove the farm from the list by doing the same. Once you do that, the farm appears in your friends list and you can visit the farm anytime you want through the friends menu.

The other update is that now the docks are open for business. It will cost you 16,000 coins to repair the docks and once you do, you will be able to make shipments are earn more coins!

You need to update your current version in order to continue game play.

If you still haven’t got Hay Day, Click Here to download from iTunes.

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  • Richard Carter

    What month will the update will come