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Madcoaster is a game made by Chillingo and is currently in the top rated free charts on the US app store. It is available for iOS devices only at the moment. Madcoaster is an easy to play and a very entertaining game!

In the game, you basically have control of a roller coaster. You can make it jump by tapping the screen, or switch down rails by swiping down on the screen. When the game starts, you have three lives by default and you re-spawn in the same place every time you lose one. You can collect more lives in the game but they are pretty rare.

Argh, I was so close! Your main objective in this game is to last as long as you can without losing all your lives. You build up your score by covering as much distance as you can. You may also increase your score by hitting the various animals that you come across while playing. You collect coins throughout the game and you can use these coins to purchase items in the games in-built shop. These items may be coasters, utilities (e.g. Jetpacks, Lives, Animal caller, bird caller, resurrection), different riders and tracks, and upgrades that increase the durations of the different magnets, and the jetpack.

When you purchase one of the utilities, the game asks displays a menu at the start of the game and you can then decide if you want to use the utility in that round. for example, you can select bird caller and then birds will appear twice as fast for the rest of the game.

You can also find the bird magnet, coin magnet and jetpack while you’re playing the game. You can get them by hitting their icons with your coaster as you come across them in the game. You have other different objectives in the game as well and you keep leveling up as the game progresses. After your lives finish and the game ends you get the option of bragging about your highscore by posting it to your facebook profile.

The downside of this game is that it uses the same concept as temple run (in that you also have to last as long as you possibly can) but lacks the same addictive charm. For me, I got bored of the game after a few hours.  Another negative is that it isn’t as challenging as it should be, the only reason I used to lose lives was because I’d stop giving the game my full attention and, as a result, would mess up. The game is also not available for Android, so those of you who do not own iOS devices will be missing out on a lot of fun!

But even with all of that, this game is a must play for all owners of iOS devices.
Check the game out at the App Store.

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