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Do any of you guys remember Puzzle Bobble by Taito Corporation? one of the hot favorite classics from 1994. Even if you guys haven”t played the original one you might have come across some iteration of the game! Well if you haven”t or even if you have, you are in for a pleasant treat.  has done an amazing job in reviving good old memories by releasing their own iteration of the game called Bubble Blaze.

Brace yourselves for  50 levels of challenging puzzles and be ready for a stunning world of Frozen Caves, Secret Waterfalls, hidden Forest
Villages and Bouncing Dragon pups! The game packs crisp graphics, good sound effects and an amazing feel to the title. Needless to say you can pick the game up anytime and it wont bore you. The game is ideal to have whenever you are travelling. But that”s not all Bubble Blaze does have a niceties of its own apart from the revamped dragons.

The game has a medieval theme attached it making you tread your way through castles, forests and grassy green lands, fighting the greedy and dastardly Sir Blackheart, plowing through enemy defenses and plundering treasure while you are at it. Once you are done clearing a level you get gems and rubies in exchange for all the extra dragon balls left while little flying dragon pups help you get multipliers from all the flying rubies by guiding them to bins. It might sound like gibberish but you should get a hang of it once you start playing! Its not complicated. On the other hand if you fail a level you lose a heart (life).

Bubble Blaze gives you a maximum of five attempts before you run out of luck. Waiting replenishes energy, lives. Gems can be exchanged for upgrades like other games but it is interesting to note that there is no dedicated button for the in game app store. The only option you get to buy level specific upgrades is when you are about to start a level, where you get a nice little prompt. Otherwise you can tap the ( ) icon to bring out the goodies menu. A minimum purchase of $4.99 will also rid you of all the annoying ads.

Bubble Blaze, like all other successful iOS games follows the 3 star model that assigns you starts based on the number of points you score. Stars in turn unlock next levels apart from the bragging rights.

The only thing we feel missing from Bubble Blaze are the cut scenes which could have made the game more exhilarating. The game overall is good fun and we would definitely recommend you to check it out.

Bubble Blaze in action

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