Paper Glider Crazy Copter by Neon Play

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  • 11 years ago

is another fun filled game by Neon Play. It is an adventurous game requiring the user to avoid hitting the walls, which act as obstacles.

In the game as the user you are flying a copter with a control to lift the copter and with two directional controls to control the forward and backward direction of the copter. Considering you are required to finish the mission in the shortest span of time, we haven”t so far been required to use the backward direction. Maybe it becomes more useful as you play later levels.

Race through twisting caves, and enemies as you go! You and your copter are only safe once the copter touches down at the end of the tunnel!

The graphics of the game are good. You are required to fly from platform 1 to platform 2. There are bunch of missions. The stages are divided into following themes: Desert, City, Jungle, Country and Moon.

You can equip your helicopter with multiple shields thanks to the latest update of the game. You can buy these items from the Hot Shop. And as you earn more coins you can also purchase copter mods which have different characteristics associated with them. For example, ” The Pro Copter is more agile with  quicker steering and better acceleration, making it a vital upgrade!”. It costs 500 coins. You start off with Training Copter and can advance to a maximum of Crazy Copter which costs 5,000 coins.

From the copter shop you can also buy skins for your copter ranging from basic to tiger, zebra, flames, rainbow, etc.

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