Cool Features of iOS8

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Apple released iOS 8 to the public on September 17, 2014. Apple has introduced multiple unique features making iOS 8 a must download. Following is a collection of the more interesting features.
Send last location to Apple before your battery dies – It is a nightmare when you lose your iPhone. And the panic factor multiples if the battery is dead. Thankfully, apple has introduced this new feature which allows your iPhone (or iPad) to send its last known location to Apple when the battery drains to critical level.


Phone calls over Wi-Fi – iOS 8 includes an option for WiFI calling, allowing you to place phone calls over WiFi when connected to a WiFi network, which can be handy when your carrier signals are low. Unfortunately till date we haven’t been able to test this feature because no carrier in Pakistan is supporting this feature yet.

Find which app is using the most battery life – Have you been searching for various applications to help you optimize battery life? Well Apple has come up with a built-in simpler solution. It tells you which application is consuming most of your battery life. You can view this option by go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage.


Get Tips to use iOS 8 – To make it easier for the users, Apple has introduce Tips application which gives you tips about various new features in iOS 8.


Automatically delete messages – No need to sit down and delete all messages by yourself which are cluttering your inbox. There are now options to remove stored messages after a set period of time of 30 Days, or 1 Year.


The Weather Channel – Apple is now using weather data from The Weather Channel instead of Yahoo weather. The weather app now displays summary at the bottom of page, along with info on sunrise/sunset times, chance of rain, humidity, wind speed, feels like, etc.


Choose when an application can use location data – Now you can conserve your battery more by deciding as to when the location services are used by a specific application. You can choose between Never, While using the app, and Always.

You can set this option by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.


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