Code School Now Available On iOS Devices

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  • 9 years ago

Code School is a website which provides developers with a platform to learn web technologies in the comfort of their browser with video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts. People at Code School want you to learn by doing.

Code-School-iOS-1 Code-School-iOS-2

And now in order to make it more easier for its users they have introduced their mobile application for iOS devices offering over 300 instructional videos covering JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby, iOS and Git as well as other popular developer tools, like Chrome Dev Tools, for example.



The only thing different is that you can’t code on your iOS device while you watch the instructional video. But if you have an iPad it might help you to look at the iPad and code simultaneously on your desktop or laptop with ease. Or it can be really helpful to revise your concepts on the go.

Some videos in the new app can only be unlocked by subscribing to Code School online for only $29/month. Pricing discounts for teams are also available.

You can download your free copy for iOS device here.


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