Wi-Fi Router: Setting up Mac address filtering

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Ever wondered if you could temporarily or permanently restrict network acces to any device on your network? Maybe its your pesky sibling or your free rider roommate that’s testing your limit? What is the use of upgrading to a higher plan when you are still getting low downloading speeds and choppy streaming. Well This post is going to help you do exactly the same thing; configure your tp-link router for MAC address filtering and block whoever you wish to. This could also be helpful for those extra cautious about privacy. Enabling MAC address filtering adds an additional layer of security to your network where only the authorized devices can connect even if they have the Wi-Fi Key.

There are many brands/models of routers out there and the process to filter out Mac addresses is more or less the same but let me show you how to do it on a few selected brands which would give you an idea about how to setup mac address filtering on yours.

Finding your MAC (Media Access Control) Address

To begin we need to know how to find the Mac address of our own computer using command prompt or the computer we need to block, given that we have access to it.

XP/Vista: Click start > run > type cmd and hit enter

Windows 7: Click start > type cmd in the search bar and hit enter

A black screen for command prompt should open up. Just type ipconfig/all hit enter and scroll upwards to find the physical address of your network. it should be in the format: 12-34-5C-6A-70-D2 (a total of 12 alpha numeric characters separated by dashes after each two). Be careful to copy the correct mac address as mac addresses would be different for your Ethernet card and your wireless card. So depending on how you are connected to the internet copy the appropriate mac address.

You can repeat this process on other pcs to be sure that you are going to disable the correct computer. This will also be helpful if your network has only two computers you will know which one is yours making it easier to block the other. You could also perform a hit and trial to identify which MAC belongs to which machine, but that is a lengthy process and you might end up blocking yourself.


Default Router configuration page

Default credentials

username: admin

password: admin

PTCL wireless router/ DSL modem (an1020-25)

Default Router configuration page

Default credentials

username: admin

password: admin


Default Router configuration page

Default credentials

username: admin

password: admin


Default Router configuration page or

For this tutorial we are going to be using a Tp-link router.

Login to your router by using the appropriate credentials.

Choose menu “Wireless→MAC Filtering”

To filter wireless users by MAC Address, click Enable. The default setting is Disable. To Add a Wireless MAC Address filtering entry, click the Add New button. For MAC Address enter the MAC address that you want to filter. Adding a description will help you identify the device later.

Hit save and you should are done.

If you want to remove a wireless device from filtering you can simply do so by deleting the entry.

Source: Tp-Link 941ND guide Image source: Tp-Link Website

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