How To Forward Port With PTCL Modem

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  • 8 years ago

Setting up port forwarding is quite similar to how its done in any other router. Port forwarding allows your router to correctly redirect external inbound service requests to the correct internal computer on your network. Setting up a router to port forward can be accomplished in a few steps.

Port forwarding is a very easy task and can be done using the following steps:

  1. Open the administration panel of your modem. Usually the IP of your modem is  or you can try if the other doesn’t work for you.
  2. Enter username and password once prompted. The default login details are username: admin and password: admin.
  3. Once logged in you will see the following page
  4. Use the navigation on the left and click Advanced Setup.
  5. Next click NAT, and by default Virtual Servers should be selected. If it is not click on Virtual Servers.
  6. Click Add button to proceed with port forwarding.
  7. Once you click Add, a new page asking for details will open. For your reference I have attached a screenshot of the page.
  8. You can select a service from the drop down or select Custom Service. In case you want Custom Service, just click on the radio button next to Custom Service. Enter any name you want to give to this service in the input field next to the Custom Service.
  9. Now write the IP address of the device on which the service is running. For example if you are running wamp on your desktop, enter the IP address of your desktop. This will be internal ip which should look something like
  10. In the External Port Start and External Port End enter the desired port.
  11. Next select appropriate protocol. The available protocols are TCP or UDP or TCP/UDP.
  12. Once you are done entering details press Apply/Save.

This is pretty much it! Happy surfing! 

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  • Fahd

    how do we know what are desired ports ? I am setting up WD Cloud storage and ip is so i add that ip up there but wht port should i enter ?

    • geekntech

      You need to check your settings for the WD Cloud Storage as to which port is it configured for. Use that port over here along with that IP

      • Fahd

        Sorry but i dont understand. I bought WD cloud and also got my static Ip from PTCL. I can access the cloud as long as i am on same wifi router through mobile or any pc. I want to access it from any where in the world. What do i need to do for that. Please guide step by step

        • geekntech

          Ok open the settings of your WD Cloud Drive. Navigate to the General option under Settings and scroll down to where it says Cloud Access.
          Enable Remote Access and click Configure. In Connectivity select Manual. Now it will show you the two ports you need to forward using your router. Follow the instructions in this article to forward these ports.

  • mani

    any 1 for help

  • Asad Jakhar

    Nice 🙂
    I had to open external remote access to an application and now it can be done.

  • Mohsin Rafique

    update it for latest version ptcl modem

  • Asif

    I Have PTCL evo Chaji modem and i want to setup a remote access to an application….but after doing port forwarding when i check the status of the ports in any online port scanner, it tells Port is not open. I even tried with turning OFF firewall. What could be the possible reason? Any idea?

  • zubair

    salam …i want my website configured on IIS to be accessed over internet…any one can kindly help me about port farwarding for my website?

  • Arslan Tariq

    salam!! how can we established two WiFi signal from one router ?

    • Talha Shahbaz

      Wsalam! Make a guest network

  • Ibtisam

    when i forward port and check online whether port is open or not
    it says port is not open
    what is the solution of it?