DSL settings: How to get Internet working on PTCL an1020 25?

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  • 11 years ago

Settings not working? Check out the alternate configurations:

PTCL Settings 2 PTCL Settings 3


Have you ever been dumbstruck? Let me remind you of a day when you might have been! You are at  home lazing around, suddenly the door bell rings. It is the PTCL guy who has finally decided to install your very own DSL that you ordered ummm… two maybe three months ago?

Well lets not go there! Lets just rejoice that he is here. 🙂

This is the modem you would typically get these days; the PTCL an 1020-25 which is WiFi enabled:

Its all happy going from there until you decide to get a little adventurous and somehow jumble up all the settings losing that important little link with the outside world. I know it can be really frustrating but lets try to get it working DIY style.

Power up your modem if it isn’t already and connect the phone line into the line port on the modem. If you just booted the modem you should have a red light for power. Wait for it to get stable.

If you are using a laptop connect to the modem over wifi. Your network should typically be named PTCL-BB unless you changed the SSID. If you are unable to connect over wifi or are using a desktop computer plug in a LAN wire into the modem and your PC. This should get you a connection with the modem. Do not hesitate if it shows an exclamation sign we just need a stable connection for now.

Once through, fire up your favorite browser and enter:


This should bring up a prompt asking you for the username and password. On a default device this is usually admin and admin respectively. If you have changed these credentials or the login page address please use the address and the credentials you specified in the modem settings. Worst come if you have forgotten what either of these were you would need to factory reset the modem.

Read here  to find out how to factory restore your modem.

Once you are through. Click on Advanced setup to be greeted by the WAN setup page. This is where we are going to add the correct settings for the itnernet to work once again.

If you have anything added to the table just click the checkboxes under the remove column and hit remove. Once done your modem will be wiped of any previous settings.

To begin click on add.

Use the image below to fill out the respective fields.



Alternatively you could also enter: VPI: 0 and VCI: 103 and check enable quality of service. Use these settings if the ones in the image do not work out for you. These are the two most common settings so either one of them should hopefully work!

Note: The following screens are the same for both the configurations.

Hit Next.  Choose PPP over ethernet (PPPoE), and set the encapsulation mode to LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING

Hit next. On this screen you will enter your PTCL username and password. The username now here usually is your PTCL landline number on which you have your DSL connection. This is without the area code. The password for this however is ptcl. If you still get a authentication error call 1218 and ask them for your credentials.

MTU is 1492. Use the following image to make the appropriate selection for the checkboxes.

Once again hit next and use the image as a reference to fill out this page. Typically you will check enable NAT, enable firewall and enable WAN service.

Hitting next shall give you a summary of your settings. This should be what you should expect:

Hit save, reboot your router and we are all set!

If everything worked correctly you should be able to get something like this and a stable green internet light on the modem and not to mention a working internet connection!

Your internet connection has been restored to its actual glory. Report back if these settings worked for you or if there were any hiccups.

If your problem remains unresolved check out the comments section below for solutions to a few possible scenarios that might be affecting you.

Settings not working? Check out the alternate configurations:

PTCL Settings 2 PTCL Settings 3


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  • Faizan

    Thanks Umar this was very helpful. I messed up my router settings, so i called the ptcl guys asked them for wan setting but still they weren’t able to help me… Followed your procedure and its working great now.

    • geekntech

      You’re welcome. Glad to have been of help!

      • Junaid

        Cant find the mtu bar, help!

  • abdullah

    My wifi was working completelt fine, then all of a sudden in the evening, a red light flashed where it said ‘internet’. My wifi hasn’t been working since. Called ptcl, been weeks nobody came. What should I do?

    • geekntech

      What is the current status of the lights on your modem? Do you have a solid DSL light? What is the status of the Internet light? Is it solid red or blinking Red/Yellow?
      Lastly is your PTCL phone working properly? If not then there is a problem with your phone line and you would have to get it fixed via helpline.
      A friendly advice in that case would be to call PTCL helpline a few times and keep asking about the status of your complaint. Usually it escalates the issue and the help center at Islamabad gets involved. So if your line man is playing up and not visiting it should certainly get him on the receiving end.
      It is also a good idea to call your exchange and ask them about the issue.
      I highly doubt that you changed your modem settings so there shouldn’t be an issue with that.

    • Tabasum Shoukat

      in the back of modem by default wifi key given .

      4 example wep key.f91c23s5
      8 digit

  • Muhammad Kashif Shabbir

    I have quite a strange problem..

    here are symptoms, hopeful that you may help

    Randomly Sometimes I cant access

    Randomly Sometimes If I ping Connection Timed out error

    My username of automatically gets changed, indeed whole Modem settings get changed.

    Extremely frequent Internet disconnections

    If we click device info-> statistics-> ADSL there is some info there. Today instead of ADSL xDSL was written.

    Once I connected to wifi through my, say, abc password. I opened viewd wireless profile and password . . password was something else.. not mine and still i was connected through wifi.

    Sometime i turn Router on and it gets Red Internet light .

  • salman aziz

    hi GEEKnTECH

    i am suggering from strange problem on this device,ptcl an 1020-25.

    the problem is i am unable to access whole advance settings, it shows only:



    cant see any other menu, some time it appears, but it is not opening from 2 months, i have to change my wifi settings, i had rest the router, all things entered again, but no luck, any suggestion? thanks
    salman aziz

  • hassaan

    i want to connect d’link router D-Link WBR-1310 with ptcl an 1020-25 and i want to know the setting please share the setting with me

  • Wajahat

    Can i get Firmware Image for this modem Please ?

  • I wonder which city you live in.Their customer service is very good and quick in Lahore.

  • Ahmad

    thanks sir you are great it really worked for me i had a problem with light now it is fixed

  • Bili

    Sir mere full setting ok he but dsl or internet ki light nh chal rhy last time mujhsy ye hua tha me advance setup me gya phr dsl phr save k barabar me advance setting tha me usmy gya dsl test mode usmy mene l3 pe check laga dya tbsy net bnd he kese shi hoga plz help.

    • geekntech

      You can try factory resetting your modem and use the settings provided in this article to get internet working back again. Be sure to get your user name and password from the helpline which is required to connect to the internet.

  • jahanzaib

    man u r awsum…..

  • ali

    sir please muje ye bta de ke ptcl modem an1020-25 ko hum net wali blue cable se use ker skte hai or wifi bi working ho plz..

    • geekntech

      Yes. You can have both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity at the same time using the an1020-25.

  • geekntech


    I am using ptcl modem an1020 25
    the problem i face my internet continuously disconnects.
    after few seconds internet light turns red and automatically become yellow.


    This mostly happens if you have distortion in your line. Are you using a fiber optic line? If no then this might be the issue. If you pick up your receiver and hear noise in it then there is a problem in your phone line and need to get it fixed. Secondly if your line is fiber optic and seems perfect there could be a problem with the splitter.

    Now sometimes when the lineman arrives at your place to install your connection, he does not use the supplied splitter instead using the normal splitter also known as the “dabbi” See picture for reference. So what happens is that if you have a phone line installed on the same number and some one makes a call your internet will disconnect and keep connecting and disconnecting every time a call is picked up and hung up. This can be exceptionally frustrating. The splitter needs to be installed at the point where the line is entering your home so that the phone and the internet can run properly.

    Lastly, someone might have hacked your PTCL DSL password. If 2 people are using the same credentials the frequent disconnection might occur. So you can try as a last resort on having your PTCL DSL password reset through the helpline or ask them if there is a way to do it online (Which would be the safest- can’t really trust the helpline reps :s) and then see if the issue persists.

    • sidmirxa

      I am facing a very odd issue, as i have 1020 25 router but internet is not working on any android or apple devices not on laptop …. Except 1 laptop … And when after a few hours … If internet works on all other devices only apps like “messenger,whasapp and imo” works … But the browser doesn’t works not even i am able to download anything … But at the same time internet on my laptop works great … 😭

      What should i do???

  • Ahmad Farooq

    what is username &

  • Ahmad Farooq

    sir /m.ujhy yeh btay k username or password kya likhty ha mnsetting k tym

    • geekntech

      These are the default username and password settings:

      Username: admin
      Password: admin

      • Farhan


        Username : User
        Passeord: user

  • Taha Iqbal

    the settings arent working. internet light is red…. and for some reason my computer refuses to recognise the wifi.. it says that the settings in my PC do not match the requirements of the network. Please any help would be great. I have been waiting for the PTCL people to fix the problem but they have been 0 help.

    • shehzad roy

      My dear. 1218 pe call karo. aur un se kaho k meri dsl light stable hai aur internet ki light red hai ya bilkul hai hi nahi. aur meri configiration ka masla solve ker den. wo aap ko online id and password provide karenge and you will be able to use that. visit

    • sidmirxa

      I am facing a very odd issue, as i have 1020 25 router but internet is not working on any android or apple devices not on laptop …. Except 1 laptop … And when after a few hours … If internet works on all other devices only apps like “messenger,whasapp and imo” works … But the browser doesn’t works not even i am able to download anything … But at the same time internet on my laptop works great … 😭

      What should i do?

  • waseem

    modem reset nahi ho raha koi or tareka ha reset karne ka

  • Farhan

    Hi i want to change the SSID and the password for the WiFi but am unable to see the advance settings. It only shows


    Cant see any other menu. What could be the solution?


  • Nadeem

    I would like to use this modem as a repeater in order to boost the signal in the other room.
    Is it possible to do this wireless?

  • rohail

    Can’t remove existing entry in the table :/

    • geekntech

      Remember to tick the checkbox in the second last column (under the heading “remove”). Then hit remove and the entry should be gone.

  • Afaq Durrez

    I have, AN1020-25. I dont have PTCL land line connection but I do have EVO Wingle. Once I plug in wingle, the USB Green light is stable, Power light is green, Tick Mark light is green and flickering. Wifi light is green and my Laptop is connected via wifi but there is no Internet connectivity. How it can be solved. I want to use this to enhance the range of my Wingle as signals are weak on Ground Floor so I want to keep it on upper floor. Please help in solving problem.

  • imtiaz

    how to configure evo wingle 9.3 with AN1020-25U ptcl modem?

  • Guest

    How to configure evo wingle 9.3 with adsl2+modem AN1020-25U?plz help

  • imtiaz

    How to configure evo wingle 9.3 with adsl2+modem AN1020-25U?plz help

  • mansoor ul haq

    Hi, i have an an1020-25U router, need setting details for this router.

  • Shahbaz

    I have an1020-25U but I don’t understand how to use it as storage server when I plug in my usb flash drive I get only specification not data well help me plz!

  • Farwa

    my internet connects via ethernet only, ptcl smart is working fine too but the router [AN1020-25] is not emitting WiFi signals… Please HELP! Also WLAN light is NOT ON!

    • geekntech

      You need to enable Wifi using the modem configuration page. Login to your modem ( via the Ethernet cable then select Wireless > Basic > and click on Enable Wireless.
      You should be good to go! It will turn on the WLAN Light and enable your SSID.

  • Ahtisham Ansari

    can any one help me i have a problem of with my modem an1020-25 . i want to use this modem just wifi . i hava another ptcl conection . i just pluged ethernet wire into the line1 line2 line3 and line4 . its work as a wifi . but some time when i want to access this wifi to my lumia822 its show problem that is no internet access , and no internet work . i have an other phone nokia e71 when i want to access this wifi on my its show a no default gate way . can any one help me so plz . thanks

  • Afnan

    Sir i want to roll back my ptcl router,s firmware to the orignal version that cames with the modem .how can i do that ?

  • zaheer

    How to restart modem withiout pushing power butoon from PC ?

    any one know about it?

  • Shoaib

    Please Help me! My Laptop wifi is not working properly, Yellow triangle Showing, it only works on internet cable. My other Devices on wifi is working properly but not my laptop, i have uninstall the driver reinstall it, still the same problem..Please Help me!

  • hassan

    What about the new one AN1020-25U Evo Plz Tell Me How To Configure It.

  • Irfan

    Hello, my device info is showing xDsL instead of ADsL , can anyone tell me how to change that into ADsl?
    Help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Najaf

    Hi.. Sir, do you the settings of ptcl new wifi router AN 1020-25U. PLEASE HELP

  • sir g mera net nhi chal rha modem ki lights bhi green han

  • hassan

    i am looking for ptcl tenda w150d stock firmware pre installed by ptcl if any one have please email

  • naseer

    i don’t have username and password what should I do?

  • naseer

    please send me to this number username and password for dsl router 03139893728

  • Alishan

    i have a problem in my ptcl net that whenever i my phone rings the net stops working . what should i do please help

  • desi wenger

    hi i have an1020 25u modem and even though all 3 lights are green my net is still not working really need your help thanks in advance

  • M.S.A

    can I connect eVo in AN 1020-25

    • geekntech

      Unfortunately no

  • haroon

    i am having the same modem but wireless option automatically disappeared,it was working fine for 5 months,now my wlan light is also off and my cellphone cannot detect wifi.i tried the wlan button at the back of modem but also not working
    plz sm1 help

    • geekntech

      Use a LAN wire to connect to the modem and navigate to the modem’s settings page. Once logged in click “wireless” from the menu bar on the left.
      Inside the wireless menu you should see a checkbox to enable wireless, along with other information such as configuring your SSID etc.

      • Israr Ahmad

        sir on same one ptcl line twom modems can work

  • Adnan Tariq

    how I set fix ip for printer which changes every time when it connected

    • Adnan Tariq

      using PTCL ADSL modem 1020-25

  • lecher 5277

    is it possible to user any other DSL router instead of using PTCL Stock modem/router. There are several routers of very good quality and are way more stable than those stock PTCL routers. I am done with setting things up every other day and thinking to buy a reliable modem. Just wanted to check if someone else has successfully set a third party modem/router and if it works?
    Any help is much appreciated.

    • Did you try this out? PTCL changed my very decent dsl router with an old model in my absence and this one obviously doesnt work. Keeps disconnecting even though the line parameters are more than excellent.

      Anyhow, now I’m thinking of just buying my own and configuring it. What were your experiences?

  • Kaleem Ullah

    How to solve after one day internet connection is disable and after troubleshooting it show turn your ptcl router off for 10 sec then internet is on

  • Shanti Parkash

    Amazing job umer!
    The post help me solve my internet issue. Even PTCL customer care guy couldnt solve the problem(or may be he was lazy enough to solve). This tutorial solved my problem.
    Thanks bro

  • Hammad

    Dear expert …. plz help me out too … i have an unusual problem with my PTCL connection … when internet and Smart Tv works … landline gets down and while other two are down then PTCL landline works fine … i have called sooooO many people .. help line Techs, PTCL regional Techs … but problem remains … so for the last 2/3 months Landline is down … but other two are working fine … physically all wires are okay (from home to exchange)… so far i think its the problem in router settings that is preventing landline to work okay. So please help me out in this … thanking you in advance!

  • Rizwan


    please guide me how i can connect my PTCL wifi connection without having a connection through wifi and cable?

  • Maha Rao

    me first time modam use kr rhi hun…. modam or lptop ko wire se connect kia h per whan unidentified or no network access likha ata h… kia procedure ho settings k lye?

  • asad

    i bought a new ptcl wifi router. not opening.plz help me

  • Atta Rehman

    Guys I have the mode, an1020-25..My internet is working flawless on pc but wifi is not working.. its says as no internet connection..
    Pls anyone help me out…

  • Maria Inayat

    My wifi router gives signal but its nt working