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During your daily endeavours you might have come across an awesome font that you would have thought to use sometime later but unfortunately couldn’t! because you don’t know which font it is!  Designers, developers its time to get your creative juices flowing! Brace yourself for this amazing website!

Fonts make up an integral part of the message be it a small 5×7 card, a poster or a  huge hoarding. Though images does gain a certain degree of attention of the viewer but the main gist lies in the message. Communication of this message relies greatly on how you put it forward. Factors such as visibility, colour, size and presentation need to be thought out carefully. You wouldn’t want funky text on a formal or corporate poster. Therefore it all boils down to the font selection. Fonts in short can make or break your artwork!

Images can be copied easily but telling a font just by looking at it needs you to be some sort of a Guru! so today we will be looking at a site that would make you go: WHAT THE FONT!!

Visit the website at:


The concept looks simple and straight forward but wait till it works its magic. You are required to upload an image of your desired font making sure that the text in the image is vertically and horizontally aligned. The tool works when the characters can be recognized distinctly. The website mentions that the text should be about a 100px in height for optimal scanning.


So lets begin!

The text we chose:



Geek  N  Tech written on a background with a light green gradient

Lets upload it!

You are redirected to step two, which is the character selection page. The tool has automatically figured out the characters in the jpg image. The instructions state:

Look at each image below and make sure the text box agrees with the character highlighted in the image. Leave character boxes blank if no valid character is highlighted.



Okay so it recognized the characters pretty well. Lets hit continue and see what happens.


Within seconds of hitting continue! There you have it. The results! What this awesome tool has done is that it has provided you with the closest matches to the font in the image you fed it. FYI the font I chose was the  “Helvetica 55 Roman” and it picked it out pretty well! I have found it next to amazing. I think this tool will be a valuable addition to anyone’s arsenal be they amateurs or pros.

Again if everything fails you could always head over to the forums and let the community help you!

What do you think?

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