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  • 11 years ago

Whether you are an individual or a business you might want to have your profile username uniform across all social media platforms.  In fact you might want to reserve a name for yourself to use later, what is available today might not be available tomorrow!

We have found this handy website that lets you do just this with a simple click. Namechk having a directory of  149 websites to date,  allows users and businesses to enter their desired username into a search box and check for username availability in one go! No need to painstakingly browse from site to site in a hunt for a unique name!

You wouldn’t want to hastily reserve a username at site A to find out later that its taken by someone else on site B. This could be detrimental for your brand as it might confuse users into navigating to something else on a different social media website used by you.

It would be very useful for new startups / blogs looking for a name. Name search is not just restricted to domain hunt! Social media has at the least complicated such matters. You would always want a username that coincides with your domain name.  NameChk brings all this under one roof! While you search for a suitable username it provides you available domain name suggestions based on your search terms.

Here is a screenshot of the website in action:

Searched for a username “Riot”

Plus you can use this website to keep a track of all the social media platforms out there! You might want to try out other platforms rather than facebook, twitter and youtube later on!

Click on the like below to get started right away:

NameChk (

If you are always on the go you could always get the IOS app for your apple device and rummage for that priceless name on the way!

Download directly from itunes

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