How to alter related videos on Youtube

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A quick introduction to the problem:

Many Youtube users – people who upload any sort of content on Youtube – face this problem almost regularly. They find, in the related videos section of their new uploads, videos that seem to be totally unrelated (to their content). These could be some very inappropriate videos at times. Though they are, most of the times, recently trending videos such as: viral handy cam shots, pop songs, movie trailers  etc or just some random older videos that have a lot of views. This is generally very upsetting for any user and I myself have suffered from this.



As I’ve come to know, the “related videos” system in Youtube operates on a set of self-guided algorithmic servers that work more like a search engine. They take common words from your (video’s) title, description and tags and bear the automated results in the related videos section. These results are, then again, sorted into priority by a server (that the authorities are constantly trying to improve) which is responsible for the results and unfortunately no direct changes can be made to the related video section by the user himself/herself through their Youtube Channel because there’s no such option.

However, luckily, there is still a set of ways I’ve discovered to change what related videos appear there. They are but simple tricks that you should keep in mind, essentially while uploading the video (also works for an already uploaded file) to get best results fore related videos:

1. Try to be precise on your video title. The longer the title, the more words it has. More words = more related videos for the algorithmic server to choose from hence more chances of un – related videos appearing under the section. So, try to keep it simple and as precise as possible.

2. The description and tags (especially) are also of great importance. Firstly and most importantly, the tags should be accurate. For example: If you have uploaded a cover song, you have to essentially tag only the title of the song, the original artist’s name and your band/project’s name.

Secondly, your description should not be of any more than 10-15 words that are only describing YOUR video as briefly as possible.

3. The changes to step 1 & 2 may take about 48 hours. In case you find a really inappropriate video – the type of things that you would really not want an immature audience to see – and you want it taken off the list immediately, you can always use the flagging feature underneath that video which will bring the matter to Youtube’s attention instantly. Here’s where to find the flag button:

Remember to always be patient because, changes in related videos might take up to 48 hours to come into effect.


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