iStocknow: Check iPhone 6 and 6+ Availability for same day pickup

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  • 8 years ago

Although supply of Apple iPhone 6 and 6+ has improved dramatically, it can still be a pain to find one with the right carrier and spec you need. Adding to the restlessness, if you are one of those people who simply does not want to wait a couple of weeks for their phone, it can get pretty annoying. You’d rather breeze into the store and buy one upfront rather than waiting for it to ship.


The usual way would be to go to the Apple website, select your preferred phone and choose store pickup to find out if the phone is available near your zip code. However this can be a tedious process, having to reconfigure the options each time and depending on the number of times you check during the day.This conundrum however has been resolved by this nifty service called iStocknow, which gives you a really nice overview of Apple stores with availability in the form of a Google Maps overlay. The website is regularly refreshed and makes tracking a lot easier.


Using iStocknow, I was able to snap a 6+ a few weeks ago when stock levels were rock bottom. The trick is to keep a lookout for your favorite device and as soon as the store marker gets green, order one for in store pickup using Apple’s own website. Alternatively you can also use the website’s email feature that you alert you as soon as your device gets back in stock.


You can order phones directly from Apple regardless of the carrier you are using as the order process would have you sign in to your respective carrier account to check for upgradeability (if going that route) and lets you select or continue your existing plan.

Click here to go directly to iStocknow’s global availability map

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