PTCL Doubles Speed For 4MBPS Customers

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  • 9 years ago

PTCL has silently upgrade all 4MBPS customers to 8MBPS speed. PTCL has uploaded an advertisement on their website to inform all those who are interested in knowing more about this upgrade.

As per the advertisement, all those customers who are currently using 4MBPS or are opting for a new 4MBPS will be upgraded to 8MBPS connection without any extra charges till 31st January 2015.

From 1st February 2015, the customers who want to downgrade their connection from 8MBPS will have to call PTCL and request for a downgrade. The customers who opt to continue using 8MBPS will be charged Rs. 2,500/month till 30th June 2015. And from 1st July 2015, the users will be charged Rs. 2,999/month.

Please do note that effective from 1st February 2015 there will be data cap of 200GB. Additional GBs will be charged at Rs. 100/GB for extra data usage. Billing cap is set at Rs. 4,999/month for 8MBPS connection.

In an earlier offer, PTCL had announced 8MBPS connection for Rs. 2,999/month with unlimited download till 31st December 2014. From 1st January PTCL announced to charges Rs. 2,999/month with 100GB data limit and a billing cap set at Rs. 7,000/month.

Now it will be interesting to see if the users who have already subscribed to 8MBPS connection via an earlier offer will also get 200GB data cap or will they continue to be limited to 100GB. Because PTCL has made no announcements in this regard so far.

You can opt out of the offer at any time by dialing 1236 from your PTCL Landline.

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