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Review: SUM IDEA

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Just when you start to think that every possible iOS game that could be made has been made, there is always a surprise waiting for you! The surprise comes today from Twiddly Studio, an indie games studio, ..

8 years ago

Review: Stick Hero

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Get ready to be addicted to one of the simplest yet most challenging games you will experience. Stick Hero by Ketchapp can really make you raged/frustrated especially when you are so close. And this challenge ..

9 years ago

Review: Circle

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Ketchapp has a long list of infinte run games, and Circle is on the list of those awesome games. Developers at Ketchapp have turned a science class project involving wire, bulb and battery into a wonderful ..

9 years ago

Review: Monster Dash

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Half Brick studios return with a brand new episode of Barry’s adventures. After their classic hit Jet Pack Joyride; that had you hooked for hours and hours,  Half Brick has released Monster Dash, ..

9 years ago