Gmail upgraded to 10Gb (FREE storage)

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  • 11 years ago

Google has slowly and gradually forced itself into our lives. What at one point seemed like a cool substitute has now become an absolute necessity. It would be safe to say that at this current point in time we have all our virtual needs covered by Google. Any new likely successful innovation is either bought by Google or killed by Google’s own substitute therefore wiping any possible threat. Same is the scenario in the mobile world! Google creates android; feeds us with these yummy treats and gets us hooked, craving for more.

Most of all I think all of us have made the crucial switch to google’s own flavor of our favorite email; Gmail. It was the search engine and then the revolutionary email that paved way for Google to perfectly cement itself in the market.

So everything going good one day you see this yellow notification on top of your inbox telling you that you have reached about 90% of your storage limo need to delete any messages” Well it seems that you would have to delete quite a lot of them actually!

But now, you can breathe a sigh of relief as Google slowly unleashes its latest product “Google Drive”; its own form of cloud storage! Needless to say that it comes integrated with all of Google’s other services making it stand out instantly. What more would you want? All your Google services now stored in a cloud. Though we will have more on the Google Drive in another article it is important to point out that Google has increased the storage space for Gmail from 7Gb to 10Gb! Now thats a real treat! An additional 3Gb means that you can you continue using Gmail without having to worry about those nagging notifications.


This space would fill up eventually too but then again you have the option to buy additional storage from Google or switch to a new Google account but the additional 3Gb should be really helpful.

The upgrades are in progress! and you might be the next one up for the upgrade 🙂

It should look something like this:


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