Facebook feature Alert: You now have the ability to edit your comments

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  • 11 years ago

This Thursday facebook unveiled a new much needed feature allowing you to edit your comments. Remember the times you got really excited and made silly typos or skipped a word? Now you can edit what you wrote instead of leaving that error mock you for the rest of your life. Previously you could only remove your comment and re post it leaving all those conspiring nannies guessing what you wrote and why you removed it.

And here is how you can edit your comment on facebook:

Hover over your erroneous comment, tap the pencil icon on the right side

Hit edit


And there you go! Simply edit your comment or press escape if you changed your mind!


That’s it for now, keep checking back for more facebook feature updates.


Image Courtesy; facebook page: I did my homework , LOL jk Google did!


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