Review: ZenMate Mobile

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  • 4 years ago

ZenMate, the famous VPN browser extension has launched its own mobile application. Their newly launched app will not only work as a proxy allowing you to view websites which have been blocked by you respective country but also hide your IP to keep your identity secret saving you from the dark world out there.


Just like the browser you have option to select preferable location and it will connect you through the VPN of that country. You can use same login details as used on the browser and it will install a profile on your phone before it starts working. The mobile application also allows you to block harmful website and compress the data received. You can enable these in the settings. You can also enable Always On option. So even if you toggle VPN to off in the settings, the Zenmate will connect again enabling the VPN automatically.

The service is currently available for free for trial. You can view their pricing here.

If you haven’t tried ZenMate browser extension or their mobile application, I would highly recommend that you do it right away.

Download Links: App Store, Google Play Store

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  • Lizzy

    For those who use public WiFi, its super easy to access your details, many people do not realize the hazards that they could go into. A VPN is the only way to reliably keep your data safe from intruders. That’s the reason why I use Hide My IP, its quite better than ZenMate 🙂