Smartphone App for Excise & Taxation Department

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  • 3 years ago

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has been responsible for various outstanding projects which are currently going on in Punjab in an attempt to make the government departments more and more efficient. In this series of efforts, the latest project is focused towards Excise & Taxation Department (Pakistan).

PITB has provided Punjab Excise & Taxation Department with a smartphone application, using which they will be able to fetch details about the ownership of the vehicle. This would mean that they won’t have to ask the owner to provide them with original documents in order to verify the ownership. However, there is no mention if they will be able to check if the tax for the car up to the current year has been paid or not. It would be a nice addition if it is missing, as it would enable the Excise & Taxation Department to take action against the violators.

The department already has website which you can use to get details about any vehicle. We certainly hope that measures like this will improve the efficiency of the department and give positive results.


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