Say Goodbye To Shattered Screens With Gorilla Glass 4

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  • 4 years ago

Even though the smartphones today are kind of resistance to scratches but unfortunately they aren’t resistant to biggest issue, a shattered display. One of the most common reason of getting your phone fixed is shattered display because you dropped it. Thankfully, people at Corning are concerned about our miseries and are working on a new screen to tackle accident-related damage. Their this new innovation is known as Gorilla Glass 4.

The newly formulated glass is designed to survive collision with rough services, at least 80 % of the times. In other words, this doesn’t mean you can drop your phone carelessly and you will be fine. Corning says it is already sending out test sample shipments, so we can expect to see this new glass anytime soon in one of the upcoming smartphones.

Source: Corning

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