Electronic Surveillance Based Policing In Lahore

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  • 3 years ago

After a test launch of android based on spot ticketing, Lahore Traffic Police has come up with another project to enforce the law. But I certainly hope that this project doesn’t meet the fate of the one mentioned earlier because it vanished in thin air.

Under this new project, traffic police aims at checking violations of traffic rules. Selected traffic wardens on several city roads have been provided with high-power cameras to take pictures of registration number of vehicles violating traffic rules. Once the image is taken, using number recognition technology the details will be retrieved from the Excise and Taxation Department. According to Chief Minister’s Special Monitoring Unit (SMU) already 100 notices have been mailed to motorists found violating traffic laws. The warning tickets were accompanied with pictures. It isn’t clear if the picture was merely of the number plate, or it was of them actually doing a violation.

In order to make it easier for the violators, several hotspots will be setup throughout the city where the violator can pay his/her fine. In another development, there is also a possibility of allowing citizens to pay their fines online. Though much details about this aren’t available yet.

In order to make this system workable, SMU has recommended that the Law Department make necessary amendments to the law relating to the issuance of tickets. As currently a ticket comprises of five copies; three of which are given to the offender. Under the new envisioned system, there will be only one copy issued to the offender. Remaining will be generated through computers. Once again it is ambiguous. The remaining copies will be generated when an automated system-printed ticket is sent via mail or at the time of payment of the fine is yet to be seen. And another change that will have to be incorporated into the law is that original documents will not be collected at the time of fine. Though this will be interesting, especially considering those citizens who aren’t from the city. How the city traffic police will purse the violators coming from another city who might not pay the fine at all remains to be seen.

Overall, it seems to be a step in the right direction and definitely as the system progresses the loop holes can be fixed.

Source: Tribune

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