Claim Discounts On Twitter Redeem At Stores

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  • 3 years ago

Whoever said Twitter doesn’t have a long term plan to earn money might be feeling foolish already. Apart from simple advertisements, Twitter is finding new avenues to turn Twitter into a marketplace. Twitter is already offering promotional services for e-commerce but recently they have just stepped into offering services for Brick & Mortar stores.

In a recent announcements Twitter has announced that users can claim discounts right from an advertiser’s tweet. In order for this to work, they will have to link their credit/debit card with Twitter. The Twitter user can then redeem the offer by paying with the same card at the retailer’s physical store.

Twitter initially plans to earn money by charging the advertisers to promote the tweets. Later once it has enough traffic and sales being generated through this mechanism, I am sure Twitter can convince the retailers that it won’t be a bad idea to start paying a percentage of the sale too.

Twitter expects advertisers to target deals to people based on a variety of factors, including their location.

Source: Recode

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