The 20 wordpress plugins which are essential for your blog

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WordPress is the most famous platform for bloggers and day by day blogs on other platforms are shifting to wordpress. One of the most robust feature of wordpress is it”s plugins. WordPress plugins are really ease to use and users can use many features without editing the code of their website. There are more than 20,000 wordpress plugins so it gets difficult to choose which plugin is useful for your website/blog and whether they slow down the loading time of your page. Here are 20 wordpress plugins which, I think, are the most useful and efficient to use.


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1. Akismet

It is one of the most widely used WordPress plugins because it protects your blog from spam comments efficiently.


2. Jetpack

Jetpack is a very useful plugin as it provides you so many features in a single plugin. The main features include site stats, gravator support, email subscription, akismet contact forms, URL shortner and many more.


3.WordPress SEO by yoast

With this wordpress plugin you can easily handle your keywords, meta titles, description which can improve your search engine rankings.


4. CommentLuv

Commentluv can be used to increase comments on your posts as commentators get a link to their latest post in their comment.


5. W3 Total Cache

It can make your website upto ten times faster and create better search engine rankings.


6.WP MashSocial widget

A clean looking widget which takes care of all your social site profiles and pages. It is being used by many large and famous blogs.


7. WP-insert

Its an easy to use ad placement wordpress plugin. Multiple ads can be run at a time without any problems.


8. Secure WordPress

Security for you blog is essential and this wordpress plugin protects your blog from hackers and viruses.


9. Top commentator widget

It is a good way to encourage people to comment on your posts by displaying the top commentators.


10. Broken Link Checker

Sometimes you oversee the broken links in your posts which can have a bad impression on the visitors aswell as the search engines, so this plugin automatically checks for broken links and notifies you.



This wordpress plugin makes your post search engine friendly, automatically.


12. Login lockdown

If your want your wordpress blog to be extra secure then you can make it so by blocking log in attempts after a 3 unsuccessful attempts are made, with the help of this wordpress plugin.


13. Twitter facebook google plus share

This wordpress plugin is one of the best when it comes to social site share buttons.


14. WordPress data backup

It is important that you backup your wordpress files and settings incase your blog has any problem.


15. Google XML sitemaps

No need to get in to your root directory, just get this plugin and you get your blog”s sitemap.


16. WP Optimize

Get your post revisions, spam and unapproved comments removed without yourself doing it everytime.


17. SEO Friendly Images

Increases your traffic by making your images appear higher in the search results.


18. Robots Meta

An easy way to add robots meta tags to pages, search results and feeds.


19. Digg Digg

A tab containing social site buttons, floats as you scroll down a page.


20. nRelate: Related Content

A cool wordpress plugin which shows your blog”s related posts at the end of each article. You get to choose from many styles and you can also earn some cash by displaying sponsored posts beside your own posts.



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