Mac: Screenshots made easy

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  • 5 years ago

Have you ever wondered if there was an easy way to take screenshots on a mac? Being a windows user myself I found myself caught up in this dilemma. There is a way alright, you can always use “grab” but it makes the whole screenshot business a little tedious especially when you have to take multiple screenshots. That said we do have the snipping tool in windows but it too suffers in getting the job done quickly.

In short one would wonder whether there is a “print screen” button on the mac just like the handy one we have on our windows pcs? Sadly no! but we do have a few handy key combinations that would do the job perfectly, best of all there is no additional software required.

Here a few key combinations that are all geared towards taking screenshots with slight differences in what they capture:


Takes a screenshot of the screen instantly. You can tell because it sounds just like you took a snap from your camera! The screenshot is saved as a png on your desktop with the date and timestamp


Allows you to  select an area for the screenshot and then saves the png on your desktop with the date and time stamp. You could also press the space key after you hold press command-shift-4. This would allow you to take the screen shot of a particular window.


The screenshot is saved to the clipboard, exactly the same when you press the print screen button in windows.


You can select the desired area and the screenshot is saved to the clipboard.


We hope that this would improve your OSX experience and speed up your day to day tasks. Keep us posted!

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