Macbook Pro with an i7 Haswell processer benchmarked

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  • 5 years ago

Most of us have been anxiously waiting for an update for the Retina Macbook Pro but there was no mention of it on the WWDC. However on June 18th a Macbook Pro sporting an updated Haswell processor was seen in the benchmark list on the Geekbench browser.



The macbook pro was code named AAPLJ44,1 and had an Intel Core i5-4258U processor clocked at 2.40Ghz. Today though, another macbook pro appeared in the benchmarked results. The machine is code named AAPLJ45,1 having an Intel Core i7-4950HQ @ 2.40 GHz with 16Gb ram. Here is a screenshot of the benchmark results:

Retina Macbook Pro i7 spotted

Upcoming 2013 retina macbook pro with an i7 Haswell processor gets benched. rMBP late 2013

The complete results can be viewed using the button or direct link below:

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This might give you guys a brief overview on what to expect in the macbook 2013 update.

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