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  • 7 years ago

Getting a GPS Navigation application for iOS for Pakistan has always been a dream and in spite of installing different applications with the hope for support for Pakistan region, there had been no solution to this dilemma till the arrival of Sygic Pakistan: GPS Navigation!

It’s a unified solution to all the problems for people, like me, who wanted a fancy application to give them directions. And above all it is not visual only, it also has an assistant who gives you verbal directions while you drive. Though repetitive instructions, for example ‘take left’, becomes annoying at times but nonetheless it is the best application available when it comes to maps of Pakistan.

It also has several POI (Point of Interests) stored in the application. All you need to do is, go to ‘Navigate To’ option and select your city, and then click Nearby POI. It provides you a complete list which you can categories group-wise too. Once you are done selecting your destination, the application

will provide you with a route to your destination.

There are also various Route Planning options available in the settings section of the application. I have listed a few below just for reference:

  1. Avoid Toll Roads
  2. Route Computing – Fastest Route
  3. Route Computing – Shortest Route
  4. Route Computing – Economic Route
  5. Traffic Incidents – Avoid Automatically

Well I have tried playing with these options, and it does change route based on your settings though I am not sure if while making changes these settings are considered or not. Though, I haven’t had the chance to see how Traffic Incidents works.

The best thing about this application is that it stores maps on your iOS device rather than streaming them online, like Google maps. Though it means consuming of around 240 MB.

This application is priced at USD $ 14.99, but I would say that it is worth every dime. Especially for people like me who want to have a GPS Navigation application.

You can click on the link below to get it from the App Store:

Download Sygic Pakistan: GPS Navigation App

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