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Released this month on the iTunes App Store is this crazy new game called Zombie HQ. It got a bit of everything; amazing graphics, decent amount of missions, cool weapons, lots of baddies, crisp sound effects, right amount of cut scenes, user friendly controls, high replayability but best of all the price! Yeah its totally free!

Once you start playing the story slowly unfolds as you work your way to higher levels giving you a plethora of side activities to choose from. You can even buy stuff to pimp up your rooftop zombie HQ. 

That said the game can get pretty frustrating at times let alone the difficult levels, some players might have difficulty unlocking the next Zombie HQ  level after completing the previous one. The game does slightly deviate from the normal mission oriented games where the next mission is unlocked once you finish the previous. But don”t worry we have got you covered. We are going to tell you a few useful tips and pointers that would let your progress easily through the game and learn how to unlock new zombie HQ missions. So what are we waiting for? Lets splatter some zombie on the walls.


So if you have already installed the game and looking for help at some point, we have complied this little guide that should get you through. If there is something we missed do ask away in the comments section at the end of this post.


The game is quite gripping from the start. You are still setting yourself down watching the splash screens when the  game suddenly starts off suddenly. You find yourself in this park like setting with zombies lurking around. The developers thought this was an ingenious way of making you accustomed to the environment, game controls and the engine.

Controls & HUD

Controls are quite easy to master. By default you get an onscreen invisible joystick/ thumbstick on the left side used to move your character. This can be made permanently visible by enabling fixed thumbstick from the options menu. On the bottom right hand side you have:

  1. Little white toggle, useful for switching between your gun and baseball bat. At any point during the battle you may swap your primary weapon depending on what the situation demands.
  2. Red Button to throw projectiles. These can include grenades, mines or turrets. If you notice that there is also a figure written on top of this button. This is to show your remaning arsenal. For our example picture we have one mine with us which is displayed accordingly.
  3. Below you have your dedicated fire button, within access to shoot anything that moves.
  4. Though the gun reloads once empty so can also reload it dedicatedly to prepare for onslaught by using the green reload indicator on the left side of the fire button.

For your HUD panel on the top (from left to right) you have :

  1. Your XP meter which fills up as you amass kills to take you to the next level displayed next to it.
  2. Your money reflected by a Z.
  3. Gold coins
  4. Energy meter with a level indicator. Keep a lookout for this as energy is necessary to play mission
  5. Lastly you have your tasks list

Your Rooftop Zombie HQ

Once you manage to complete the initial tutorial mission you get to your home which is a rooftop base. I think that”s where the game gets its name from. After completing each mission you return to your HQ from where you plan out your next strategy/mission. As you level up your HQ tends to expand allowing you to purchase more items to gain various rewards. Before we begin here is a legend we prepared to help get you accustomed to the HQ.

The map at the bottom is where you have to go to see the list of available missions. Here is a possible problem you might be facing.

How to unlock missions on Zombie HQ? I have already completed the available ones!

These missions will unlock as you level up not when you complete the previous missions. If you observe closely each locked mission has a level written below it which means that your XP level has to be at this level to unlock! The simple solution is to replay the previous missions till you level up. You can also checkout your task list to find out side challenges to complete which can help you gain XP.

How to unlock bonus missions?

Bonus missions can be easily unlocked/found by using the radio scanner available in your HQ. They should be available in a little while once you start the scan. Bonus missions are good for getting extra money or survivors that can later be traded for boosts.

How to access bonus missions in Zombie HQ?

Bonus missions once unlocked can be easily from within the radio scan menu.

Note: Bonus missions have to be complete within the allotted time or they will expire.

Once you tap the screen you are automatically taken to the map where you can play the bonus mission. Bonus missions allow you to scavenge for cash, survivors, gold and energy.

Here is a sample screenshot for the normal map view:

Screenshot is from an earlier part of the game hence level 2 is still locked

That said, energy, money and gold are crucial parts of the game. The devs did do a wonderful job in making the game free but they left themselves quite a few source to get money. Energy is required to play missions, each mission uses a different level of energy therefore you might have to wait for a few hours to replenish it.

  1. How to get energy  in Zombie HQ?
  2. How to get money  in Zombie HQ?
  3. How to get gold  in Zombie HQ? 
  4. How to find survivors in Zombie HQ?

The first answer would be that you need to purchase them but there are a few alternatives. You can purchase items for your HQ that would allow you to get free energy and money. These items are unlocked once you level up enough that your HQ spreads to other buildings. You will notice ramps fall down allowing you to move to other places. These places let you buy various items at pre defined locations. So if you are not looking for decoration but utility instead here are the things you can buy using in game money and gold:

  • Generator (Gives you cash)
  • Jukebox ( Gives you XP or Energy)
  • Couch (XP – this one is already purchased for you)
Money, gold and energy can also be gained by using the airlift. Airlift allows you to trade your saved survivors during missions for these items. To find more survivors you can either play the barricades mission over and over again or use the radio scan to find the survivors bonus mission. Radio scan would also allow you to get more survivors, gold, cash and energy per mission. You should scan often to make use of this to get free stuff rather than buying from real money.

The in game money can be used to buy guns, melee  weapons, explosives, apparel and HQ items where as for character upgrades you need to have sufficient gold to increase the four available upgrades. (Dexterity, Health Capacity, Health Regain Speed, and Movement Speed). These can come in handy when the game gets too difficult.

Also note that when ever you complete a mission successfully you get gold and energy as a reward. So if you keep on winning you wont be hopefully needing to buy energy upgrades.

Lastly if you are still looking to level up faster by using real money you have the option the purchase the following packs:

In Game Tips:

Playing your contemporary third person shooters you might be used to walking over enemy spoils to get them. These could include money, energy points or whatever upgrades a particular game uses but Zombie HQ is slightly different. While playing a mission you might not know:

How go get money that is out of bounds?


How to interact with inaccessible objects?

The solution is simple. For the game to be more user friendly the devs have allowed to you to just tap a certain object to interact with it. So this means that you can just tap the money from where you are and can get it without actually having to walk over it. The same can be applied to objects at your HQ. You do not have to physically go to the map to access it. You can just tap the icon and it would open.

This should save you sometime and speed up your game play.

Secondly to save ammo we would recommend you to switch to the melee weapons when you are attacked by just a single zombie. This would allow you to easily kill enemies once you are surrounded, squared or cornered. This would also help you save bullets to kill enemies that are out of bound and cannot be bludgeoned. Take for example the barricade mission where you cannot cross over.

Scavenger, Barricades and Survivors (bonus) missions should be played if you have to replay any mission to level up. These give you the opportunity to gain more money, energy and survivors.

Lastly, you might be interested to find out:

How to kill the beast?

The easiest way would be to first conserve your bullets for the beast and just club the zombie minions when the beast decides to take a rest. Shoot at the beast when he runs towards you. This will slow him down and you can melee him a few times. If you run out of bullets though, just try to keep out of the beast”s way so that he doesn”t run you over and get hold of you, but when he stops melee him like there is no tomorrow. Also if you are hurt with the screen going blood red try to dodge the beast till you regain your health.

This is all for now but if you need help with anything or are stuck at some point do let us know in the comments section below.

If you haven”t already; click here  to download the game from the Itunes App Store.

Happy Hunting!


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  • valentin

    Hello, how i can use the turrets ?Thx

    • Alyssa Milano

      You have to be gay to use them.

    • Macrat

      After equipping yourself with them, you play the mission. Set them down and they will run by themselves. There’s a few problems with turrets: The rate of fire is horribly slow, and zombies can destroy them. Save your Zollars and upgrade your weapons. You can tag them faster and more effective than a turret. If you really need an explosive, buy mines. Turrets are nothing more than mines, as they explode after shooting off a few rockets that usually hit only one or two zombies.

  • geekntech

    Once you have purchased a turret you can easily deploy it during a mission using the red button above the fire button. I have labeled the button “projectiles” in the HQ legend image posted above. When you press the button the turret will be deployed where you are standing so make sure that you are in the correct spot. Once deployed the turret would function automatically when zombies come near it. So in case you use the turrent in the barricades mission it will only kill zombies when they cross over instead of shooting them through the barriers.

  • baga

    does this game have an end? i’m at level 15, played all stages (a lot of times!) and is getting senseless to keep playing…

  • who_cares

    on level 29 and nothing happens but just kill, how do i go forward in the game?

  • who_cares

    the clues dont even help, just a girl telling me what happens with her surviving

  • Ab

    Finished level 10, roof top opened up but can’t get into the maps or other stuff now

  • Drt1988

    I just got to level 18 and I still need to know how I open up those gates or if I need to be at a certain level for that. I collected a lot of stuff for my base but all of them. Can someone give some information on how to open those gates, please?

  • Cymond

    First, I recommend against buying any of the things that give you rewards daily. It is NOT worth paying 5,000 Zollars to get a thing that gives you 100 Zollars a day. There is very little chance this game will hold your attention for 50 days. Spend your Zollars on equipment & upgrades.

    So far, I’ve tried the baseball bat, shovel, and samurai sword. The sword just slices through them without knocking them down or back, but it does dismember their legs so they must crawl. However, they’re not helpless, they crawl fast and can still easily attack you. I like how the baseball bat & shovel knock enemies down. They’re helpless when they’re knocked down, so you can either kill them easily or run away.

    I’ve also tried the pistol, shotgun, and “assault rifle”. The shotgun can hit multiple enemies, so it’s good for large groups in narrow hallways (like the rooftop level). However, it only does serious damage at short range. Of course, this means that you don’t have a long-range weapon, and you don’t really want the big enemies to get close. I strongly prefer the guns that work at any range.

    But does anyone know if the clothing does anything? Does the armor reduce damage? Does the spiked armor damage enemies that hit you? Does the ‘utility belt’ do anything? Or are these purely for appearances? I like to spend Zollars and gold on things that actually matter.

  • Bob

    I am on level 30. Turrets are great for the bonus missions, a single turret in the middle for air drop missions, grenades are great for rooftop and the park missions. Land mines are fairly useless. I prefer gun turrets to rockets but either does the job, rockets cause you damage when you get in their way and they can kill survivors sometimes. Thought that level 30 would enable the fruit machine to give me the gold or spin icons for a win but so far no luck, may take more spins or higher level, not sure. If I can’t get the fruit machine to win with gold or blue spins soon I am going to get rather bored. It takes a long time to level up, gets a little boring after this many levels. I hope there is an end in sight…

  • justwanttoknow

    I can’t use turrets or grenades. Windows 8.1 here… it shows grenades but can’t do Anything with them. I try to click on it, nothing happens, except for shooting the gun. Is this a “tap” only kind of game, I’m using a laptop not some other device…

  • Mitch

    What buttons do I press or how to click to buy the jukebox? I can’t figure out how to buy anything even though I have sufficient funds.

  • Mathew Dwojewski

    when doing scans do you get better missions for doing 20hours or is it the same as doing 1hour?