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  • 11 years ago

If you are looking to expand your mobile gaming arsenal we have got just the game for you.

Temple run is an action/adventure game that boasts dazzling graphics, a very friendly and fun to use engine which makes it one of those hard to put down titles where you keep on telling yourself that this attempt is the last!

The game is developed by a Washington DC based company that goes by the name of Imangi Studios. Instead of treading down the traditional path employed in most endless run games, Temple run incorporates a sort of 3d view making it more addictive simultaneously adding a more into the game feel to it.

The objective of the game is to escape the demons that chase you out of the temple you are exploring. Your run along a narrow pathway where you have to dodge numerous obstacles such as branches, fire and occasionally jump over broken pathways. To add to the excitement you have to take 90 degree turns by swiping either left or right (depending on the path you choose) to avoid falling of the path.

The game ends if you fall off the pathway, get burnt or bang into something though if you bump into the side wall or trip over a branch you can see the demons close in, another mistake and become dinner! and we have a funny comment to each ending.

The game is so engaging that it will keep you hooked so you wont be able to pay attention to what is going around you 🙂
Notifications appear on the screen with every 250m travelled giving you an idea of how far out you have come. To make it more challenging the game keeps on speeding testing your reflexes to the limit.

The controls of the game are simple and good. Tilting your device moves the character in the respective direction while swiping left/right assists in taking sharp turns.

Swiping up is your jump key where you carefully have to time each jump so that you do not fall in the middle. Swiping down helps you slide under obstacles such as fire or beams.

The game also incorporates a collect coins to unlock model used in many games.

What adds to the re playability are the coin unlocks that allow you to unlock various power ups such as coin magnet, speed up etc.


Coins can also be used alternatively to unlock characters & utilities.
Most of all what makes you play the game again and again is the competition from players worldwide! And if you have your friends playing the game too, you might be easily engulfed by the determination to score the highest or travel the longest distance.

The game is one of the top rated games with a couple million copies already sold! The game is available on both iOS and Android and the best part is that its totally free! So grab yourself a copy if you haven”t already.

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