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The sequel of the famous Temple Run; Temple Run 2 was released on 17th January by Imangi studios, and after just 13 days it has crossed 50 million downloads mark and broke all previous records. You already have an idea about the popularity of the Temple Run series just by seeing the enormous amount of downloads it got.











The basic story of Temple Run 2 is the same as its predecessor, you get chased by a demonic monkey and you have to run and save your life as long as you can. While running you have to go through many obstacles like Zip-lines, curving paths, spiked wheels, sudden drops from cliffs, waterfalls, and the mine train that you have to control by tilting left or right.

New Characters and power ups are  introduced in the game. Characters includes Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, Karma Lee and the power ups includes shield, coin bonus, boost, score bonus, coin magnet and the gem bonus. These characters and power ups can be unlocked with the coins earned in the game. The gem bonus helps you to cheat death and whenever you die, you can use one gem to start back from where you died. The gems cost 99 Cents for five gems.












Temple Run 2 is a really visually appealing game, and is interesting too. Even though it is similar to its prequel but still it is an extremly addictive game and you can easily get hooked to it and make your eyes weak by playing it all day long.

It”s a must-have game, and you can already find this app in every other smartphone around you. The best part is that you get a lot of fun with temple run and that too for free on both, iOS appstore and Google Play .

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