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No matter what part of the world we’re living in, all of us have one thing in common; we do not like spending money on apps. Whether the price is as low as $0.99 it still seems unnecessary. But nowadays, app developers have found yet a new way to swindle us “free-app lovers” out of our money by making the levels difficult and trying to get us to purchase upgrades that will make getting past them easier. An example of this is an app called “Prison Run” about which we will discuss in this post.

I came across this game while going through the Top Free charts for the iPad. Because it’d made it there, I thought it must be fun. But after playing for a while it disappointed me. In the game, you’re basically a prisoner inside a maze with police guards patrolling around, and you have to sneak around behind them, get the keys from one part of the maze and try to escape through the locked door that is usually far away from the key.

This does sound a bit exciting and pretty creative, but you have to manage to do all of this in less than 3 minutes. This would be okay too, games should be challenging, but here’s the thing; you don’t spawn at the same place every time. The spawning area is basically in the prisoner rooms. You can spawn in any of the ten rooms. Now, whether you spawn close to the door or in the room farthest away depends on your luck. There is a guard patrolling the outsides of these rooms, so maneuvering your way out of this room can cost you a significant amount of time that is vital for you to make your way out of the prison. Another reason the time limit is unfair is because the keys are also placed in a random part of the maze/prison, whether they’re close to the locked door or at the opposite side of the maze also depends on your luck. And this is where the money comes in; you can pay to get coins from which you can purchase upgrades in characters/abilities. Of course you can earn the coins yourself but that would take a lot of hard work. So getting past the level on even easy difficulty is also entirely dependent on your luck, or the amount of money you’re comfortable with spending on an app.

The game does have a few positive factors too. It has a pretty catchy soundtrack for one, and it is very addictive once you get the hang of it. The idea of it all is also pretty creative and it’s a great strategy game. So all in all, if a few amendments were made to the game, it could easily become a lot better.

Get a feel for the game yourself, download it from the app store.

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