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If you are into puzzle games, I am sure you are familiar with bubble breaker. The game initially came bundled with the windows mobile platform back in 2003 and was one of the most popular and addictive title. The concept was simple; you had to line up the same colored bubbles to burst them. The bigger the cluster the more points you got. Line Birzzle however builds upon the classic by incorporating a sliding puzzle feel to the game. NAVER have introduced cool popping animations featuring chain explosions, bombs, whirpools and even black holes. This will surely have you hooked for hours. No wonder the game touched 2 million downloads on the first day of it”s release!

Graphics needless to say are great. Keep those combos kicking and you should clear those levels with a breaking a sweat. However if you take time getting those in you are in trouble. As you progress levels become harder and the frequency of more birds being added increases. If you are left with no space to maneuver and birds reach the ceiling you lose.

The game itself is quite simple and intuitive. You can drag, throw birds to make your chains. You can even move a bird from a stack if there is room on either side otherwise you will have to displace the birds at the top to pull it out. On higher levels you get birds that are locked. These birds cannot be moved from their position and have to be unlocked first. Unlocking birds in Line Birzzle is simple just group three or more birds including the locked bird and the lock would break allowing you to move it like you would move any normal bird.

Combos greater than 3 would earn you special birds that will take out other birds in their vicinity depending on how powerful the special bird was. The higher the combo the greater damage and points the special bird would fetch. Another unique feature is that is quite exciting is the short quiver when you successfully round up three birds. This quiver is followed by the birds popping and awarding you points, however during this short quiver you can quickly add more birds of the same type to increase your combo and get a special bird. To clear a particular level you have to fill the points bar at the top (varying with the level you are playing).

The game also features an endless mode where you can test your Birzzle skills to the limit. Be sure to checkout the game on your iOS or Android device and do share your views about the game.

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