Review: Ice Age Village

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Can”t wait to watch the new Ice Age movie? Well here’s something to curb your excitement. The official Ice Age app is finally here and has made it to top rated in just a matter of days. The app, developed by Gameloft, is available for Android and iOS devices.

The game starts off with the characters starting up their own village for the refugees who are trying to escape from the effects of the continental drift. The game is a lot of fun and pretty addictive, it’s not like the usual one-time-play games that are just there to promote the movies. This is actually something worth playing. You slowly build up your village, ‘breed’ your refugees. The families you breed give you coins after every few seconds and you can use these to build even more things in your village

You can also play mini-games the feature Scrat the saber-toothed squirrel. These mini-games are a lot of fun, one of them is a lot like Fruit Ninja. In that mini-game, piranhas are attacking Scrat and you have to swipe when they jump out in order to make him fight them.

The movie’s different protagonists also give you objectives to complete through which you earn points and level up. These make the game even more addictive and fun!

The only downsides of this game are the waiting-times you have to endure through in order to complete certain tasks. These can sometimes get on your nerves.

Besides that, the game’s awesome! Check it out at the App Store or on and tell us what you think.

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