Review: Fruit Ninja

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  • 12 years ago

One word to describe the game: “Addictive”

This game offers the maximum value for your money. Priced at USD $ 0.99 at iOS App store the game offers three different playing modes.

  1. Classic
  2. Arcade
  3. Zen

In classic mode you are given three life lines. You are required to slice the fruits which jump on your screen before they fall down. It might sound like an easy task but there are bombs popping in again and again to ruin your streak. One bomb is enough to finish your race to the highest score.

In arcade mode you are given a time frame of one minute. In order to facilitate the player, the game offers different combos and the special fruit, banana. Once you are on a combo streak you earn special combo points. Whereas, slicing different colors of bananas give you different advantages. For example, slicing the silver banana freezes the time for a bit and you can slice the fruits with each while the game is really slowed down. Slicing the yellow banana gives you frenzy with fruits popping from different directions of the screen. The blue banana gives you double points per slice.

Zen mode is all about your slicing skill. It offers no special fruits and you are given a time frame of one minute and thirty seconds. You are required to demonstrate your slicing skills to earn more points.

I personally love the arcade mode. And it is fun especially if you have friends playing the same game. Because when I started playing this game I used to play for hours trying to break the highest score of my friends. And trust me it is fun every time you play and you don’t feel tired or find the game to be monotonous in any manner.

This game runs a bit slow on the iPhone 3g because of the inherent slow speed of the phone but it is still playable. After you get used to playing this game on iPhone 3g it takes time to get used to the speed at which the game throws fruits on other hardware.

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