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After the success of Frisbee Forever, KILOO GAMES have come up with a sequel which is even more fun to play. This game can be classified as one of those pick & play games that are a great way to pass time. Securing a place in the top rated apps Frisbee Forever 2 is also free just like its predecessor. The theme behind the game is simple which makes it fun and easy on the mind; you are required to guide your frisbee through a loosely demarcated path with occasional loops for guidance and collectible stars. Deviate too much from the path and the frisbee will eventually slow down and fall to the ground. Crashing into obstacles would also need you to restart the run. The more stars you collect and the loops you successfully pass, the more the chances of winning the gold trophy.

Features that you will instantly notice are the easy to use, simple and intuitive controls, colorful worlds and neat layouts.

The game features 3 worlds. Initially only the first world “Meadowland” is unlocked while the rest two have to be unlocked using star coins. Initially one might think that you need to purchase star coins to unlock the other two worlds but it is not necessarily the case. Depending on your performance you can earn ample stars to unlock next worlds without the need of unlocking them using real money.

Apart from unlocking the remaining two worlds you can also redeem your earned star coins to unlock various upgrades and perks. These upgrades cost you a steep amount of star coins. This is a common feature of free games that ask players to purchase in game addons for a nominal amount of money in most cases.

Interestingly the game adopts two types of controls that can easily be switched from the pause menu. The conventional controls give you navigation arrows on both sides of the screens which have to be tapped in the appropriate direction. These can be somewhat tricky to use consider the frequent tapping required for difficult levels. On the other hand you have the option to use the accelerometer to steer your frisbee on course and maneuver it to collect stars.

Frisbee Forever 2 incorporates mini objectives within the game that can be seen from the missions menu. By completing these challenges help you earn extra XP helping you to level up quicker.

At the end of each mission you get a progress summary on your remaining challenges. Once complete the challenges would automatically be replaced with new ones.

If at some point you get bored from your frisbee you could also swap it for a cool new one at the frisbee tab located in “My Stash”.

To begin a level just flick the screen and then guide your frisbee through the loops trying to get as many stars as possible.

Click below to watch a short trailer for the game:

[youtube id=”pQAZZxDtKF4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

You can download the games from the iTunes Store.

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