Review: FaceinHole

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Turn yourself into anyone you want using this creative new app. Developed by Lisbon Labs, FaceinHole is available for Android and iOS devices. It has received many 5 star reviews on both the stores and most people are satisfied with the app. This app is very user-friendly. It lets you access your camera/gallery and from there on, you can select a face from a picture and use this app to insert that face in any of the app’s templates. You can adjust the face into the template by pinching and dragging it on to it and by aligning it with the assigned area. You can then go on to share the picture on Facebook or email it to a friend. The distinct quality of this app is that you can put faces into video template. You can then add your voice to the face as well. So along with using the app to put your face in pictures, you can put your face in videos too! This app comes a lot in handy when you want to mess with your friends. If you do not own an iOS or Android device you need not worry because you can use the online version on their website! The downside of this app is that it crashes and freezes a lot on some devices. A lot of people with Android Smartphones have reported this issue. Lets hope Lisbon Labs fixes this in its next update. Also, the app”s loading times can get on your nerves. Check it out at the App Store or on and tell us what you think!

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