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  • 6 years ago

Escape Bear is one of the latest free games out on the app store. The game is developed by Humble Gaming Ltd and it seems like they have tried to incorporate popular features from various game into it. Lets see how well it fares against the others.

The first thing that will catch you attention is the game icon. It may easily lead you into believing that it is another installment of Temple Run because the logo is so similar. See below:

Original Temple Run Icon

Escape Bear Icon


Escape bear then might look like a replica of Temple Run with the developers trying to cash onto its popularity but actually its not a complete ripoff. The game adopts a scary/horror theme with spooky background music and gruesome obstacles.

The genre of the game is inclined towards the endless run model but the developers thought of incorporating the Angry Birds style levels into it as well. So what we get is our character running, jumping, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins with a baton waving shadow monster chasing us. If successful in avoiding everything you clear the level and get awarded 3 stars depending on how many coins you collected.

But before you can take a sigh of relief the next level starts automatically and you are again into your crazy life saving run.

The difference is that with each new level the difficulty rises, you get more traps and have more dodging to do. The game unlike Temple Run is very very challenging, and puts your reflexes to the test. The controls are very simple and basic, though not as smooth as Temple Run but you get used to them very quickly.

The graphics of the game could use some improvement, currently they are barely at par with the competition. The traps however are well thought out and each results in your poor teddy bear to be torn to pieces. Traps include all sorts of spikes; dangling from the walls, ground, waving about, freaky hands and blades to cut you into two.

The game also features an in game store where you can buy upgrades with either the coins you collected or buy the coins first with real money and then get your upgrades. This is indeed one of the successful strategies where the player not limited by money only and is allowed to get stuff with hard work.

Over all the game is fun to play and a good way to pass time. If you are looking a new free game to play you should check it out!

Here is a gameplay video directly from the game developers:

[youtube id=”5yLhDaWfCwE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Download the game directly from itunes app store.

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