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Draw Something is a fun multiplayer game for Android, iOS, and Facebook. It has been developed by OMGPOP and is one of the top rated apps at the App Store and on Google Play.

To play on your mobile device, You can create an account with your email, or you can just log in using Facebook. You can play with your Facebook friends online, and also with those friends who do not have a Facebook account by entering their email/username. For those of you who do not have friends to play with; you can choose the Random option and Draw Something will find one for you.

When you start a game with someone, you choose from three words to draw. There’s the easy option, which gets you one coin if your friend guesses the word correctly, the medium option, which gets you two, and finally the hard option which gets you three. The wordlist is very creative. Your options range from drawing a bowl to drawing celebrities like Skrillex or Lady Gaga.

When your friend replies, the game shows you how he/she guessed the word you drew. After that, you get a chance at guessing the word he/she drew. Then, you draw another word which you send to your friend to guess. So, the game goes on and on until someone fails to guess what the other’s drawing is. You start out with just a few colors, but you can use the coins you earn in the game to buy more and more. If you’re too lazy to earn the coins, you also have the option to purchase them.

Draw Something has become very popular all over the world, and artists share the drawings that they make on the game on it’s . This can be a lot of fun as you can show off your talent to the rest of the world.

Can you guess what he drew? Leave what you think the answer is in the comments section.

The only downside of this game is that both the players don’t play together simultaneously, and you have to sometimes wait a while before the other player replies. Other than that, the game is awesome! Check it out at the App Store, , or Facebook.

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