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If you are a fan of drag-racing this is just the game for you! CSR racing has made it to the top-rated apps in the App Store in just a few days. And with great graphics and fun gameplay, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

The game starts off by testing your skills as a driver. It’s basically a tutorial, you find out how to shift gears and rev the engine. The graphics will blow you away; it’s not like the usual racing games on the iPad with low graphics.  You pass the test(hopefully) and proceed to buy your car. After, you select the car, and purchase it, you either have to wait ten minutes, for the car to be delivered to your garage in the game, or you can use your default 5 gold coins to have it delivered then.

Once the car is in your garage, you can proceed to check out the map and participate in races. You need to fuel up your car from time to time. The first time your agent fills up your tank for you, but you have to do it yourself after that. To fuel up your car, you need to wait 7 minutes, or invite friends to play the game, or you can use two gold coins. You are awarded gold coins everytime you level up or you can buy them with your actual money. You level up after about five to six races. 

You can upgrade and customize your car before races too! As you level up, the races become more challenging, and you need your car to be faster in order to win. You can either, customize and upgrade your car or you can buy another car. 

The key to winning the races is shifting at the perfect moment. Also, revving the engine and getting a perfect start is a bit hard. When you revv the engine, try to keep it the needle at green and you’ll almost always get a perfect start! After a while of practicing, you can get the hang of it and it works like a charm from then on.

Downsides of this game are the waiting periods when you buy a car or try to fuel it up. This has annoyed a lot of people. It also gives you a feeling that the developers are after your money and takes away the joy of playing a free game. A work-around for the waiting periods is to move your system clock forward. It has worked pretty good so far for me!

Besides that, the game is awesome and is a must play for those of you who love racing games!

Check it out at the App Store and tell us what you think in the comments.

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