Review: Clear vision (Free on App store today) plus Level 3 walkthrough

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If you haven’t already heard, Clear Vision is the number 1 sniper game available for iOS devices. The story is unique and the game play is challenging. It is not one of those games that you would get bored after playing a level or a two. Clear Vision is quite detailed and each level brings something unique. From Sniper rifles with different characteristics to wind and moving targets, you are always on your toes trying to get the perfect shot.

However if you miss to land the perfect shot your target escapes and you have to play over. The game features cool graphics and amazing cut scenes. The story line is quite good, especially the start where you are introduced as Tyler and ordinary dude who is belittled by his boss way beyond his patience. It happens that one day Tyler gets extremely pissed quits his job and nails his boss to the ground.

Things however don’t get any better here. Tyler tries for various jobs but is rejected by everyone. He has his bills looming over his head and in a pretty bad shape overall. So as a last resort he decides to pick up a sniper and become an assassin/ contract killer. Luckily for him there are quite a few dirty deeds needed to be carried out for a handsome amount of money.

So you now play as Tyler carrying out missions for people. To raise extra money you have the option of going to underground boxing where you can place a wager to win extra cash. Anytime you can visit Big Ben for some awesome weapon upgrades with the money you have won.


Since numerous guides for the game are already out there let us tell you a tip that should help you get through most mission easily.

Always wait for a clear shot! The games features many missions that have moving targets, for example the pizza delivery takeout or the frustrating level 3 (Falling oblivious) where you have to kill the bungee jumping guy and make it look like an accident.

Here is a video on how to kill the bungee jumping guy. Notice that how we let him jump and let the cord get taut, it was then easy to just shoot at it and kill the guy. Shooting the cord while he is jumping or moving would just miss.

[youtube id=”QfNZRRAqv-g” width=”600″ height=”350″]

All in the all Clear Vision well deserves the number 1 spot for the best sniping game available on iOS. Do let us know if you need help with any other level that is giving you a tough time.

Due to the violent nature the game has a 17+ rating. You can click here to download Clear Vision 17+ directly from iTunes


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