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  • 7 years ago

New on the app store, free games section today, is Bubble Mania; another iteration of the classic bubble breaker that we are all familiar with. Bubble breaker is one of those games that has a simple, yet alluring concept requiring the player to carefully aim and pop matching colored bubbles. The players were limited by time with the roof caving in till the bubbles reached and jammed the cannon. The levels regardless to say become more difficult and challenging as your progressed. So what new features does Bubble Mania have to offer?

Bubble Mania developed by TeamLava, adopts a new and fresh approach towards the bubble popping frenzy. The game is themed on furry cute looking animals called the critters. Unfortunately an evil bubble wizard has captured baby critters and trapped them into colored bubbles and it is up to you to guide your critter to rescue them. So instead of the conventional cannon you have a critter tossing up bubbles and freeing trapped babies.

The overall graphics of the game are very neat and beautiful. It is actually one of those games that is easy on your eyes and fun to play. It features colorful backgrounds, smooth animations and pleasant sound effects. The level progress screens though beautiful were not something we weren’t familiar with. They closely follow the angry bird model and so does the point scoring system! You are awarded out of three stars based on your performance for a particular level.

To make the game challenging as the game progressed Bubble Mania has ditched the ceiling caving in feature with limited bubbles. A player cannot keep on shooting bubbles till he fills up the whole screen.

Instead care has to be taken to utilize the limited amount of bubbles provided to free the baby critters. If unsuccessful you can purchase 10 additional bubbles in exchange of gems that you earn in game. Needless to say these are very hard to get and incase you run out there is an option to purchase them for real money, starting at $0.99 for 22 gems. You actually require 8 gems for acquiring 10 additional bubbles.

Players do have the option to replay the level again but the developers have ingeniously limited the energy to 5. Each time you start a level 1 Energy is consumed, meaning that you can only play 5 games in a sitting. Actually this is not true! If you clear the level successfully you get 1

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energy back as a reward. But as with the classic version the difficulty level rises and you do fail levels. Energy refills every 15 minutes or so but if you are in a hurry you can always purchase energy with 2 gems that again cost you real money.

The game also features in game coins which can be used to buy upgrades valid for a level. These include boosts, perks etc. In game coins are awarded at the end of each level but for players looking to shell out money they can be purchased too.

On the bright side the game itself is free and can be enjoyed as long as you dont fail a level repeatedly. If you do you can either wait for energy or buy yourself upgrades. Bubble Mania’s revenue model gives you a typical facebook game feel employed successfully by Zynga in its own flavor of addictive games. The game otherwise is a good way to pass time and have fun.

Its quite hard to get 3 stars, so we made a short video with a little

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tip on how to get them. See below:

[youtube id=”P4RuouAe9cc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

The game is available and ready to download from itunes.

You can share your views about the game in the comments section below!

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  • Tanya

    I’m on the 6th island. Unless you get lucky with the bubble colors that are given for you to shoot, these and likelt the upper levels are virtually impossible to pass. You’re at the mercy of what’s issued.

  • Erica St Louis

    I’m on level 204 and it’s still my favorite game app!! 🙂