Read Receipts for Whatsapp Group Messages

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  • 9 years ago

In an earlier post we pointed out that Whatsapp is now allowing users to view read notifications via blue arrows/tick marks under each message. A nifty feature that was taken away in recent updates therefore has made its comeback in the form of blue arrows rather than displaying a ‘seen’ message originally. However, an even cooler update to the app is the group message read receipts. Something that has been subtly integrated into the platform. Earlier, users could just tell if their message was sent but had no way of telling how many people had seen it or if it had gotten delivered to everybody. There is a way however, here is how:


Navigate to your group chat. Long press on the message you sent and want to see delivery status for. You will get a small menu bar like the image above. Tap info and voila! You now have the status of your message and details about silent group members who are lurking around and not responding. I really like the way it separates time seen/delivered for each participant. This can be extremely useful when waiting for a reply or vote from the audience. Might be helpful for some but annoying for others who just want to stay in the shadows.


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